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                Building the spectacular future of the city

                GiantKONE, Guardian of Buildings

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                • 1F ELEVATORS

                  Elevator Solutions

                  For all buildings

                  GiantKONE solutions have rich product collections that meet the diverse and personalized needs of customers. From completed and personalized products, to world-class elevator/escalator research and development, manufacturing, installation and maintenance technology, and to diversified visual design, we will provide quality solutions for urban passenger transport.

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                • 2F ESCALATORS

                  ESCALATORS & AUTOWALKS

                  ESCALATORS & AUTOWALKS
                  For new buildings

                  GiantKONE's escalators and autowalks are designed and manufactured to meet the commercial application and public transportation needs of customers. It combines outstanding usability and durability in pursuit of safety and quality design concepts. The optimized core component design and safety protection measures adopt the state-of-the-art technology to achieve and maintain a smooth passenger flow for your building.

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                GIANTKONE IN CHINA

                Shanghai Operation Headquarter

                Company Address:7A88 Shanghai Mart, 2299 Yan An Rd(W),Shanghai,China


                ABOUT GIANTKONE

                Founded in 1910 in Helsinki, Finland, KONE Corporation pioneered in the application of machine-room-less technology to lead the world. After 100 years of development, it has become one of the world's largest providers of elevators and escalators.

                GiantKONE Elevator Co., Ltd. is a sole proprietorship invested by KONE Corporation in China. As a member of KONE's global family, GiantKONE is committed to implement more efficient management with more advanced technologies, to produce higher quality products and establish more perfect service network.

                • 2005

                  GiantKONE was established in 2005

                • 40+

                  Owns one factory and more than 40 branches

                • 3200

                  GiantKONE has nearly 3,200 employees

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